Google Analytics – Guidelines and Steps

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most powerful web analytics applications avaliable today. Analytics is the best google tool for the websites to improve it’s quality and it is a free service. Google Analytics is a direct traffic software and reports website traffic. it integrates with other google programs like Adsense, Adwords,  only makes it much more valuable.

One of the new  features in Analytics, they have become primary features, including Intelligence  no of visits and nature of visits ,which page of your website more popular, how can improve the website speed, mobile friendly website you need, blog content  most like your visitor.


Google Analytics Search Traffic

Traffic is defined by a number of visitors and visits website services. Analytics is a powerful application for tracking traffic patterns on your website.

Types of Website Traffic 

  • Direct traffic

A Visitors that visit your website by typing the URL into a browser.

  • Referral traffic

A Visitors that visit your site by clicking your URL on another site.

  • Organic search Traffic

A Visitors that entering your site by searching a keyword through a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing..etc.

  • Campaign Traffic

A Visitors that visits your site by clicking on a link with particular tracking parameter.

  • Social media Traffic

It is defined as the when you post a link to the social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter etc and that link is clicked outside of the network.

Steps in Google Analytics

Step 1 : Sign up your google account

If you have an account on google then go to Google Analytics and click sign in to google analytics. After clicking the sign-up button then fills the information in next window.

Step 2 : Configure your Google Analytics account

After the sign-up process you can go to the next window, you should type your name of account , Website name, Website URL, Industry category and also Reporting time zone.

Step 3 : Reporting Time Zone

It’s very important factor that set the time zone because all over the world you have clients under your google analytics account. So choose the country time zone your website is based on.

Step 4 : Get Tracking ID

After scrolling down  you  will see “Get Tracking ID” click that button it leads to the next window where you can see the “Terms of Service agreement”. Here you also check the country name. You should select a suitable country name based on your website. After all this click “I Accept” button.

Step 5 : Tracking Code

After clicking the button you get a particular tracking code. You want to copy it. Then go to the blogger dashboard and select “Template” option. then click “Edit html”. Where we can edit the html code. Your tracking code should be paste here before the end of the head section. Then click “Save Template”.

Step 6 : All Website Data

After all this you go to the google analytics home page and select your account name. At the below, we can see “All website Data”. After clicking this you get a graph it shows user performance.

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